After-School Clubs

Yale is dedicated to enriching the "whole student." Along with academic and our specials curriculum offerings, we also have a variety of after-school clubs to keep students involved even after the bell rings. Session 2 Club Offerings are below. Ver en español

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Session 2- October 25, 2021 - December 9, 2021

Deadline for Sign Up is October 18

All Sessions 3:00-4:00pm

(Please note that different clubs will be offered for sessions 3 & 4)

Mallet Madness with Ms. Mangusso (begins 10/25)

Description: Want to make music on different instruments? Then join the Mallet Madness club. Students will experience playing drums, non-pitched percussion (e.g. triangle, woodblock, tambourines, etc.) and xylophones. Musical learnings in the concept area of beat, rhythm, and melody will occur as well.

Ages: Kindergarten - 2nd grade (30 student limit)

Day: Thursday

Location: Music Room

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Media Club with Ms. Harper and Mr. Hall (begins 10/25)

Description: Students will help create a news segment that informs the viewers of events in Yale and the Yale community. Media club will need news anchors, writers, directors, editors, and reporters to create our production.

Ages: 4th and 5th Grade (10 student limit)

Days: Monday/Thursday

Location: Classroom R

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Board Game Club with Mrs. Miller (begins 10/25)

Description: Do you like playing board games? Come join me as we play familiar board games each week and get to know other Yale students.

Ages: 1st - 3rd grade (12 student limit)

Day: Mondays

Location: Room V

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Basketball Club with Mr. Herlihy (begins 10/25)

Description: Come and join us as we have a good time playing the game of basketball. We will shoot around, work on our fundamentals, play games, and have some fun while exercising. Hope to see you there!

Ages: 3rd -5th grade (20 student limit)

Days: Thursday

Location: Gym

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Painting with Watercolors with Mrs. Henning (begins 10/25)

Description: Let’s have some fun being creative with watercolor paints. We will do some exploration of the materials in the first few sessions. Then we will try following along with kids painting tutorials.

Ages: 2nd and 3rd grade (12 student limit)

Day: Tuesdays

Location: Art Room

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Young Explorers with Ms. Villiers (begins 10/25)

Description: Are you interested in visiting new places, trying different types of food, or learning new games? If so, this is the right club for you! Come join us to travel the world without ever leaving Yale Elementary. Each week we’ll explore a new place and learn about a day in the life of students who live there!

Ages: 3rd-5th grade (10 student limit)

Day: Tuesdays

Location: Room M

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P.A.L.S. Chess (Play, Achieve, Learn, Succeed) (begins 10/25)

Description: P.A.L.S. Chess incorporates humor, storytelling and fun interactive, game-based learning fostering creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. In our chess club, students will have the opportunity to experience personal, social, intellectual, and academic growth. We are excited to welcome P.A.L.S. Chess to Yale Elementary!

Ages: 1st-5th grades

Day: Tuesdays

Location: Media Center

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Prairie Dog Strummers with Ms. Mangusso (begins 10/25)

Description: Come and have a good time learning to play the Ukulele. Throughout the class students will learn chords and strumming patterns while learning new songs and playing along to familiar songs. Students will also learn some practical application of music theory and the basic care and maintenance of the instrument. Ukuleles will be provided for use at school.

Ages: 3rd - 5th grade (30 student limit)

Day: Monday

Location: Music Room

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