We transport a number of children of all ages to school each day. Our concern for all of our children who ride the bus is as great as yours. In establishing certain student responsibilities and setting up procedures whereby school and home can jointly have a hand in administering them, we hope to make the ride to and from school not only safe, but pleasant. Please take time to discuss the bus rules/responsibilities with your child and reinforce our expectations for their behavior.

Confrontations often result from students lingering too long at the bus stop. Please ensure that your child arrives at the bus stop no earlier than five minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Loading and unloading of the buses is supervised at school, but no supervision is provided at the home bus stop. Students should leave the bus stop immediately after being dropped off after school.

Bus drivers may issue citations to children who violate any of the regulations. These citations are to be signed by the parent, student, administrator and the bus driver. Receipt of three citations could result in the revocation of the bus privilege. In the event of a serious/major offense, immediate suspension may be necessary for one or more days.


We have several school buses that service Yale students. It seems there are some changes of bus numbers, drivers and routes each year. If you have questions regarding bus numbers and routes, please contact our district transportation office at 303-326-1986. It is critical that your child know what bus number they are to ride home at the end of day. Bus schedules are available through our school office.

As your child loads the bus on the first day of school, please make sure they note the bus/route number, which is posted under the first passenger window of the bus. For younger children (K-2) you may want to write the number down for them on a small card and have them slip it in their backpack for reference after school. We will have a team of staff members available on the first couple days of school to assist bus riders in order to make sure they get on the correct bus at the end of the day.