Visiting and Volunteering

Visiting Yale

For safety reasons, all visitors to any Aurora Public School must first check in with the Main office. You will be issued a visitor's pass and asked to sign in. This policy applies to any time of the day, including lunch and recess times. Visitors who are not displaying a visitor's pass will be asked to return to the office to sign in. It is important that you sign in, even if you simply want to give your child on the playground a quick message or to say hello. Don't forget to go back by the office and sign out prior to leaving the site. We are very aware of safety issues surrounding schools today and request your cooperation in this matter.

Volunteering at Yale

To ensure that our volunteers enhance the safety, security, well-being and success of our students, the Aurora Public Schools Security Department registers all volunteers and provides them with I.D. badges.

Please see the APS Volunteer page for more information about volunteering at Yale.

If the volunteer is committing to only a one-time event, he or she will simply need to register at the Yale front office.