Behavior Expectations

School-Wide Behavior Expectations

We are a reflective, dedicated, diverse community that fosters constructive communication in a positive way. We collaborate respectfully, valuing each person’s opinion and utilizing each person’s strengths.

What is PBIS?

B4 is our common expectation for all of the Yale community that includes kids, parents and staff. It reminds us to:

    • Be Safe

    • Be Respectful

    • Be Responsible

    • Be Kind

What does that look like?

Be Safe

    • Use kind words

    • Honor your rules

    • Safe hands and feet

Be Respectful

    • Take care of yourself

    • Take care of each other

    • Take care of this place

Be Responsible

    • Do the right thing

    • At the right time

    • In the right place

Be Kind

    • Be gentle and considerate

    • Be generous, helpful and caring

    • Show empathy and acceptance

How do we do that?

At Yale, we use a set of strategies and systems to increase our capacity to

    • (a) reduce classroom disruption,

    • (b) educate all students, and

    • (c) encourage all students at Yale to view positive behavior as within their control.

These include:

    • Clearly defined goals

    • Research-based practices and interventions

    • Supportive administrative systems

    • Use of data in problem solving

These strategies serve to support:

    • Regular, predictable, positive teaching and learning environments

    • Adults and peers who serve as positive role models

    • Consistent, positive feedback

    • Physical environments that support academic success

    • Opportunities to intentionally build student social skills

Our goal is to create a POSITIVE school culture that is:


    • Use common language

    • Have a common understanding of expectations

    • Teach to develop common experience


    • Provide regular recognition

    • Provide positive redirection


    • Violent/disruptive behavior is not tolerated

    • Students feel comfortable taking risks


    • All adults use similar expectations