I am Ms. Mangusso and I teach music here at Yale Elementary. I’ve been teaching music for 25 years. This is my 21st year at Yale Elementary.

I love making music with children, creating resources that will help them achieve music literacy, and seeing the joy they experience when making music. When I am not teaching I love to work outside in my flower garden, my vegetable garden, and with my pond that has Koi and goldfish.

This year is going to be an exciting new adventure for music. I am excited to try out new ways to bring music to children’s lives through the use of technology. Even though we may not be able to sing a lot this year as a whole group, it doesn’t mean we still can’t sing. We will sing, read rhythms, play rhythms,move to music, and create music. I am excited to bring music to children in a whole new way. We will power through and carry on by keeping a song in our hearts.

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