Mr. Ingle

Hey! My name is Jeffrey Ingle (Yes, my last name is made up of two suffixes)! The 2020-2021 school year will be my twenty-first year here at the always great, Yale Elementary! I taught fourth grade for the first few years, but most of them have been in my favorite grade level, 5th grade. Before that, I had worked odd jobs with APS, from work on school grounds, to being a school custodian. All in all, I have worked for this district for around 40 years. I even attended schools in this district since kindergarten, so you might say that I’m a “lifer” when it comes to this community.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing disc golf, listening to many types of music, even though I’m a “punk” at heart, drawing/painting, and I do a lot of reading, especially when it comes to Nonfiction History. I truly am a life-long learner!

While I don’t have kids in a normal sense, my three cats, Imhotep (Imo). Osiris (Osi), and Maat (Mati) fill in that void pretty well with the daily shenanigans and exploits they take part in that make me love them even more! My parents continue to be a big part of my life as well!

I can’t wait for this new school year to start! It’s been, to say the least, a most interesting, adventurous, and challenging year, this 2020! Look at all the events that are happening all around us that we get to read, write, and explore math through! 5th grade is that last time that students will have in elementary school as they grow, learn, and find success in their endeavors towards middle school. Students in 5th grade should be ready for growth from where they’re starting , as well as rigorous learning on a daily basis.

Let’s take that ride together!

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