Welcome to the 2022-23 school year! This year in preschool, our focus will vary on your student’s P3 or P4 status. All students will work at learning how to engage in conversations, problem solve academically and socially, and learn to express their creativity through their work in a classroom setting.

In our math and literacy curriculum:

P3 students focus will be on:

  • recognizing up to 10 letters/sounds

  • identify the few letters in their name

  • recall basic shapes

  • count one to one correspondence

  • rote count up to 10.

P4 students will prepare for Kindergarten including:

  • naming up to 26 upper and lower case letters/sounds

  • retelling familiar stories in order

  • create complex patterns

  • name two and three dimensional shapes

  • rote count to 20

  • Subitize to 6

Erica Haas

Erica Haas

ECE/PreK Teacher

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Lana Ortiz

ECE/PreK Para

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