5th Grade

Welcome! Fifth grade is an exceptional year. It is the time when elementary students develop into independent, creative thinkers ready to take on middle school. We as a team value rigorous and relevant lessons to share with our students. In literacy, we will dive deep into using reasoning and text evidence to justify our thinking, integrating information from multiple texts on the same topic, learning higher level words to expand our vocabulary and comprehension and much more! It is crucial that all fifth grade students engage in reading everyday outside of school hours.

In math, we encourage students to show their thinking constantly. This involves whole class discussions, explaining through written responses and drawing out pictures or diagrams to defend their thinking. Some key topics we cover this year include volume, the standard algorithm for multiplication, adding/ subtracting/multiplying/dividing fractions with like and unlike denominators, and multiplying with powers of 10.

We understand that many topics we cover will be challenging and exhausting, but this is the exciting part! Without struggle there is no growth.  We ask for students to bring their best effort and trust that we as teachers will support them along the way.