3rd Grade

Bienvenidos, Welcome, Bienvenu!

3rd grade is quite a transition as the students shift from primary curriculum to intermediate curriculum.  This is a year of multiplication and division, word or story problems, elevated number sense, and fractional parts.  Reading focuses on close reading - the pattern of read, reread, ask questions about author intention, and developing a response to text questions. We continue to add vocabulary that is more academic, more mature.  Social studies standards for 3rd grade include some history, geography, economics, and civics.

On a more human note, we will be supporting our students as everyone continues to deal with Covid-19 and all the out-of-our-control events.  We know we all are dealing with heavy stress.  Children have stress and we strive to help them regulate through the stress with consistent, predictable routines, relationship-building opportunities, and a calm, loving heart.

This will be a remarkable year, this will be a successful year.  Glad that you are with us.