Learn more about applying for free and reduced lunch online

A school breakfast and lunch program is available to students.  Applications for free/reduced lunches are available in the school office.  Students are also permitted to bring their lunches from home and purchase milk or juice.

Students with unique dietary needs due to health problems are required to provide a letter from their physician indicating specific needs.  When possible, Nutrition Services will make a reasonable effort to provide for those needs.

Parents or students are allowed to purchase multiple-day or daily lunch tickets.  Personal checks should be made payable to AURORA PUBLIC SCHOOLS or YALE ELEMENTARY and should indicate the child's name and room letter.  If there is a problem with insufficient funds, we will ask that all payments be made in cash.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD PAY FOR LUNCHES BEFORE SCHOOL IN THE CAFETERIA.

The child's hand is stamped when the student has used the last lunch on a multiple day ticket.  A fruit or vegetable and a drink are provided if the parent does not provide money on that day or subsequent days.  Students are not allowed to charge meals.  

For more information, including current breakfast and lunch prices, please see the Nutrition Services web page.