It is sometimes difficult to decide when to keep children home due to illness. We are sharing these guidelines to decrease the spread of illness and to assure every child is well enough to benefit from school. If your child has the following symptoms, your child should remain at home. If your child becomes ill at school, we will call you to discuss symptoms observed at school and you may potentially need to take him/her home.

• Temperature above 100 degrees (orally) or 99 degrees (axillary)

• Strep throat, unless a child has been on antibiotics for 24 hours

• Vomiting and/or diarrhea

• A respiratory infection that causes the child to cough constantly, or have yellowish green discharge from the nose

• Rash or skin lesions not diagnosed or being treated by a physician

• Contagious diseases, such as chicken pox

If your child needs to have medication given at school, the prescription must be in the original, properly la­beled container. The original labeled container shall be a container specifying the child’s name, name of drug, dosage, physician, and directions for administration. A note signed by the parent requesting administration of the drug must accompany the medication and a doc­tor’s name and phone number, must be provided to obtain permission to give any medication.

Thank you for continuing to communicate with the school nurse, health para and teachers regarding your child’s medi­cal or health condition. It is helpful to know about current illnesses, as well as any changes in medication, surgical proce­dures, or evaluations done that can help us care for your child during school.