Your student’s safety is a top priority for Aurora Public Schools. On an annual basis, the district requires all school sites to practice emergency response drills. This includes fire, lockdown and tornado drills. District standards have school sites drilling an emergency response at least monthly at Yale Elementary we have a drill schedule that gives us this consistency in practicing safety procedures with our children. We believe that by practicing, our students and staff will be better prepared in an emergency situation.

As parents, you can help us with this very important training by:

1. If you arrive at Yale and it is in the process of a fire drill or lockdown drill, please wait outside until the drill is complete. When the drill is complete, you will be allowed inside the building for regular school business. For the security of the students and staff, no person can enter or exit an APS building during a lockdown.

2. If you arrive at Yale and you find that the school is responding to an actual emergency, please follow instructions as provided by the Aurora Police Department or district staff. We will communicate the status of the situation as quickly as information becomes available.

3. If we evacuate Yale to another APS location due to an emergency, you will be notified of the location of that site. When you arrive at that site to reunite with your student, please be prepared to present photo identification. We will only release students to individuals that are on the student’s emergency information card so it is very important to keep that information current.

Additional information for parents regarding APS emergency procedures is available here.