After School Plans
Please make sure your child is clear on what they are to do after school.  Some students walk home, others ride buses, some are picked up by daycare vans and some attend our on-site after school program.  With so many different scenarios, teachers simply can't keep track of plans for each individual student.  By talking with your child ahead of time and making sure they are aware of where they are to go after school, you will alleviate any confusion at the end of the school day.  If plans change during the year, you may want to update your child's teacher so they can assist your child if necessary.
Yale Elementary uses a variety of assessments to monitor how students are progressing toward meeting state, District and building content standards. In addition, this data provides information about students' level of knowledge and understanding of content identified as important in order to aid in instruction. Finally, assessments and Bodies of Evidence track student performance from year to year to help monitor the quality of instruction.

Cell Phone Policy
Consistent with Columbia Middle School and Rangeview High School, our policy regarding cell phones is that they may not be used, turned on or visible anytime during the school day. If they are, they will be confiscated and held until the par­ent is able to pick them up. Further, as with all items brought from home such as Game Boys, iPods, etc., we are not responsible for loss or theft.

While the safety of each and every child is our highest priority, we do ask that parents carefully weigh the decision of whether of not to send their child to school with a cell phone. Maturity definitely plays a part in determining if a child can handle the responsibil­ity. While some children have been told by their parents to keep them out of sight, the temptation is just too strong for some students to do this. We have seen students wearing them on their belts and playing with them at recess like they are toys. These are not toys and are very expensive items to replace. Arguments between students have resulted with valuable class time spent trying to get to the bottom of who did what. Please realize that we do have phones in every classroom in the school in case of emergency. We ask that you consider all other options before deciding to give your child a cell phone for school. If your child carries a cell phone we will need a permission letter to keep in a file at the office.

Dress Code
The way a student dresses has an impact on his/her attitude and behavior at school. Clothing should be safe and not cause distractions to others. Short shorts, bare midriffs, halter tops, net tops or excessively short dresses are not permitted at school. We also suggest that students avoid wearing open-toed sandals/shoes to prevent toe injuries.

Articles of clothing that promote or advertise alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, sex, gang affiliation, or profanity are not to be worn to school. Pants are to be worn appropriately, which means they should be belted at the waist, buttoned, and not sagging or over-sized. Underwear should not be visible. The administration and staff maintain the authority to determine appropriate clothing for school. Students who fail to dress appropriately will be required to change. Repeat dress code violations may result in a behavior report or suspension.

Friday Folders
Please remember to check your student's Friday Folder. Folders may contain not only your students work; this is also the teacher's way to send home important information about the school and other information you may need

Indoor Recess
Students will have indoor recess when the following conditions occur: rain, snow or temperatures below 20 degrees, including the wind chill. A yellow flag is visible from the front of the school to indicate indoor recess. During indoor recess, stu­dents stay in their classrooms to play games and watch movies.

Lost and Found
Any unclaimed items found in the building or on the school grounds should be brought to the office.  If no identifiable marks are evident, they will be placed in the Lost and Found box in the cafeteria.

Students who have lost items should first check in their classrooms.  They may then get permission from the teacher to go check the Lost and Found in the Cafeteria.  This should be at times when instruction will not be interrupted.

Twice a year, in December and June, unclaimed items will be sent to a local charity organization.

Pets should not be brought to school.  Please note that pets are not permitted on school buses or on our school grounds.  Please do not bring your pets onto school grounds when dropping off or picking up your child from school.

SafeNet and Safe2Tell
The SafeNet reporting system is our anonymous on-line reporting system for students and families to report safety and/or other concerns to Aurora Public Schools.  APS staff members will review and act on reported items.   Access to this system is found at:

Safe2Tell is a free call in number for students to anonymously report issues and/or concerns.  That number is 1-877-542-SAFE.  Information reported to this phone number is received by the state and then shared with the appropriate APS staff members for action.

Spanish Line
Para hablar con alguién en Español, por favor marque él numero (303)326-2527.  Alguien que habla Español le devolverá su llamada en 24 horas.  Por favor de su nombre completo el nombre del estudiante completo con quien esta, el saloñ y por ultimo el número de telefono.

Toys and Other Valuables
Yale furnishes playground equipment for all grades.  Children are not to bring play items to school unless specifically approved by the teacher or school.  The school is not responsible for toys and/or other valuable items brought to school.

All visitors and parents must check-in at the front office prior to going to their designated location.  We request that all visitors do this even if they just need to use the restroom or are going to the preschool room.  It is very important that we can account for everyone in the building.